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Specialized Advisory Services


Technology strategy and roadmap development

Technology landscape assessments
Technology selection support & guidance

Execution Excellence


Best-of-breed solution design and technology sourcing


Solution implementation and integration services


Ongoing technical support, including on-site services

Operational Optimization

Proactive, real-time, 24/7 monitoring
System execution & process optimization – rROC
Data analytics (AI/ML) & trend identification – rAIL


“Most mining technology advisors are limited to recommending their own solutions – hammers searching for nails – so regardless of your problem, they are always going to pitch their solution.

RAMJACK is different. We’re technology agnostic so all our projects start with solving the problem first and only then are the right technologies sourced, integrated and optimized.”

Mike Jackson

President & CEO
RAMJACK Technology Solutions


Ramjack’s underground mining technologies guarantee increased production and safety improvements by monitoring, managing, and optimizing your assets: people, processes, equipment, and the rugged environment in which you operate.

Open Pit

Open Pit

Our surface mining solutions optimize safety and productivity through groundbreaking advances in real-time information management combined with the expertise and technology access to integrate the ideal, purpose-built solution.

Services and Support

Services & Support

Our mining services ensure real value generation from your operational technology, and can include technology ‘needs’ assessments, roadmap generation, implementation, and training, up to and including full operations of your systems via our Remote Operation Center,.

“The pragmatic application of operations technology is an enabler for our people to innovate. We selected Ramjack as experts in operations technology integration because their vendor-agnostic model is such a refreshing change from the confusion that arises from dealing directly with a multitude of technology suppliers. Ramjack has a track record of helping mines to select the right technology to achieve the sustainable and repeatable productivity improvements we need.”

Ian Sheppard,
Chief Operations Officer,
Aeris Resources

“I have been working with RAMJACK Technology Solutions for two years and have never been disappointed in the service, commitment or delivery. The team is not afraid to put in extra hours in order to get results quickly. Their agnostic and collaborative approach to solution development is refreshing for the industry and creates additional flexibility in a difficult economic climate. I look forward to working with them further.”

Alex Fenn,
Technology Engineer,
Gold and Platinum Mining

“RAMJACK has been our partner in EMEA since 2013. They have excellent relationships in the industry and are both reliable and professional in all our dealings with them. We are completely confident in RAMJACK and highly recommend them for all of your monitoring needs.”

Adam Dulmage,
VP Operations,
MDT Inc.

“The DeBeers Group has been sourcing geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring solutions from Ramjack Technology Solutions for many years. I highly recommend the Ramjack team on a number of fronts: they are highly responsive to our instrumentation requirements and they provide great, practical technical advice. On a number of occasions we have required bespoke solutions to be delivered urgently and the Ramjack team has always put forward the extra effort to help us meet our deadlines with the right technical solution.”

Phil De Graff,
Head of Geotechnical, Global Mining Services
DeBeers Group

“I was the Client Project Manager for a series of Production Fleet Management technology deployment projects executed at Gold Fields South Deep operation. The technology and service provider, Ramjack have proven to be extremely responsive during the concept exploration and testing phase. During the Pilot Project deployment of the advanced Fleet Management technology, their staff and management continued to demonstrate transparent communications, their excellent resilience and diligence ensured effective change management and deployment of the technology. I recommend their fit-for-purpose technologies and their ongoing commitment to the African mining industry.”

Dion Tappen,
Project Manager,
BGG Consulting Group

“When we planned an integrated surface to underground system with air quality, ground vibration and visual functionality, the main criterion was to work with a partner who was prepared to integrate sensor data before the data arrived at the control room. This is where Ramjack understood our problem as well as our sensitive ‘world heritage site’ requirements. They installed communications, hardware and software within a data architecture that allowed for the data to be synchronized at the Sterkfontein caves and then transmitted to the control room at Wits 50 km away – in near real-time. Ramjack demonstrated solid internal processes, and a skilled team of professionals. We don’t have to worry about system unreliability or disruption of data anymore.”

Frederick Cawood (Prof.),
Visiting Professor
School of Mining Engineering and Wits Mining Institute
University of the Witwatersrand

Kofi Appiah-Dwomoh

Kofi Appiah-Dwomoh

West Africa

Rupert Birch

Rupert Birch

Europe | Middle East | North Africa

Stephane Cantin

Stephane Cantin

Central America | South America

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson

Sub-Saharan Africa | Asia Pacific |
North America

We guarantee increased value from your existing technology systems, with full ROI on our advisory and integration services, within one budget cycle.

With a full product suite and service offering we can help improve safety, productivity and effectiveness at your mine today.