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Leveraging Advanced Monitoring Systems and Data Analytics

Optimizing Efficiency and Safety in Open Pit Mining

Advanced monitoring systems can help mining companies leverage operational efficiency by identifying issues that allow them to make proactive, informed decisions on the fly. Mines that do this see improvement in both efficiency and safety when they choose the right technologies, and implement the right data analytics for their unique setting.

There are a lot of mine monitoring systems out there, but having the RIGHT technologies for your distinctive operations is critical.  Having a technology integration advisor such as Ramjack helps you start at square one to effectively assess, select, and implement the RIGHT monitoring technologies to optimize the production processes that are unique to a singular mine site. The right technologies all integrated into a cohesive ecosystem will give an operations team the data they need to enhance safety and improve overall operational efficiency.

Beyond just helping select the best operational technologies for your site, a technology integration advisor will help with implementation, training, data management and analytics, optimization strategies, continuous improvement, reporting, communication, sustainability and compliance.

The most critical game-changing technologies that Ramjack has identified for mine monitoring systems are categorized below into safety, operational efficiency, and optimization/automation.

Safety monitoring –

There are many elements to safety monitoring, and Ramjack has found great success with for enhanced safety by implementing the following:

Operational efficiency

There are many things to think about when looking at ways to improve overall efficiency on a mine site, and Ramjack has tried and recommends the following types of monitoring technologies for enhanced operational efficiency:

Optimization & Automation –

Bringing all of your monitoring systems onto one data platform is the critical component that mines often overlook. In order to see and understand all the loads of raw data that are being collected from your telemetry systems, Ramjack recommends taking it to the next level for ultimate optimization: