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Mine Safety Management

RAMJACK’s mine safety management service offers affordable and productive methods to help improve mine safety!

Mine Safety Management

One significant advantage of real-time information monitoring in mines is that it offers substantial improvements to workplace safety.  Real-time geotechnical instrumentation monitoring, real-time reporting of safety information captured in the mine and real-time communications between miners and equipment operators are just a few of the solutions available through RAMJACK’s suite of technology products.

  • By using the MineHop communications network to fill the gaps and extend the coverage in your current communications backbone, information from the face is no longer impossible to disseminate.  Combined with the Newtrax proximity detection and warning system, equipment operators and miners on-foot feel safer knowing that they have control in being seen underground.
  • Combine your geotechnical instrumentation from MDT with the MineHop persistent sensor network for underground – or the Loadsensing sensor network for surface operations – and geotechnical engineers become able to monitor and trigger alarms when ground movement passes certain thresholds.  Manual data readings and downloads are no longer necessary making trend tracking easy and convenient from surface, in real-time.  If movement reaches unsafe proportions, use the evacuation warning system to get everyone out.

Every operation is searching for convenient, affordable and productive methods to improve mine safety.  At RAMJACK, we have a full complement of products with mine safety improvements at the core of their purpose. Contact us today.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, our mine safety management solutions benefit clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.