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How do we work?

RAMJACK promotes an evolutionary approach to technology and delivers a sustainable pathway to more advanced technologies. No matter what the existing technology landscape may be, there are gaps to fill and ways of advancing the effectiveness of technology use at any mine.

Within RAMJACK’s technology portfolio exists all the necessary elements to achieve the ‘mine of the future’ today. Achieving the end result of a fully integrated and digitalised mine is a function of approach.

RAMJACK’s unique pragmatic approach emphasises realising the true value of technology by focusing on real operational challenges and the niche technologies designed to solve those challenges. With this evolutionary approach, RAMJACK is able to offer technology solutions that guarantee a return on investment within one budget cycle.

Advanced technology alone is not sufficient to guarantee the value generation required to justify the capital outlay. Ensuring real value generation requires the right technology roadmap and a comprehensive adoption and training program, plus an ongoing support and knowledge transfer strategy. RAMJACK operates exclusively in the space where getting the most from your deployed mining systems becomes possible. Our suite of mining services ranges from technology ‘needs’ analysis to roadmap generation to complete remote operation centre services. RAMJACK’s pragmatic approach to mining technology offers a refreshing change to ensure real value generation from the technology at your mine.

We exist to help you make your mine a safer, more productive, more profitable place. To make this happen, we follow a proven process (with slight modifications to suit each unique operation):

Step 1: On-Site Discovery

Getting to know the existing technology landscape at your mine is critical to any successful system integration or technology deployment. We will visit your site, roll up our sleeves, talk to your people, and gain a thorough, first-hand understanding of the situation on the ground.

On-Site Discovery

Step 2: Technology Review & Gap Analysis

Once we have a thorough understanding of your current technology landscape and the ideal ‘to-be’ situation, we can begin a comprehensive Gap Analysis to create the guidelines for our Technology Selection Process.

Step 3: Solution Design & Quotation

With Gap Analysis complete and our guidelines in-hand, we draw on our extensive knowledge and leverage our technology partner relationships to scour the globe to select the best-fit systems, design the right technology roadmap and deliver a value for money quotation.

On-Site Implementation

Step 4: On-Site Implementation

Upon acceptance of the solution design, RAMJACK’s professional project management program kicks off with the generation of a comprehensive Project Charter and On-Site Implementation Plan. We take quick action, get started promptly and oversee all critical aspects of the deployment to make sure the job is done right and to a high global standard.

Step 5: Software Support, Monitoring & Service

Advanced technology solutions can do amazing things for your operation, but without proper support, its effectiveness will be hamstrung. We are very proud of our reputation and ability to give world-class, expert system support and customised service offerings. If required, we are even able to monitor the most critical aspects of your mine from our state-of-the-art (yet pragmatic), off-site, remote monitoring centre, the RAMJACK Remote Operations Centre (rROC), based in Johannesburg, South Africa.