Newtrax Posted by RAMJACK November 13th, 2017

Newtrax integrates the latest Internet-of-Things and Analytics technologies to monitor and provide insights on underground operations, including people, machines and the environment.

Leverage RamJack’s global experience with technology in underground hard rock mines

Newtrax Reports

Newtrax System Configuration Software

Newtrax Safety & Rescue Management Dashboards

Newtrax eliminates the current digital divide between surface mines and underground mines.

Newtrax develops wireless devices for people, machines and sensors that can connect to any network available in the mine including leaky feeder, Wi-Fi and LTE.

The positioning of mobile terminals on underground mine maps is achieved by leveraging any tracking information provided by the networks, plus any dedicated EPC RFID tracking system.

To solve network connectivity challenges in fringe areas of the mine where wires are unreliable such as development headings, cut-and-fill stopes, Alimak raises, undercut in block caves, as well as during post-accident rescue operations, Newtrax provides a battery-powered wireless network called MineHopTM: the only technology simple enough for timely deployment by any worker underground.

For proximity warning and collision avoidance, Newtrax provides another unique network called MineProxTM, which is optimized for low-latency ad-hoc peer-to-peer communications and ranging between vehicles, pedestrians, and fixed hazards.

Through our technology partnership with Newtrax, RAMJACK offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, using MineHop as the foundation, to improve safety, productivity, condition-based maintenance and energy management. Applications currently in-use include: persistent sensor monitoring, production and equipment tracking, vehicle/personnel proximity detection and mine-wide evacuation notices – all directly from the face, without infrastructure, in real-time.

For more information on what RAMJACK can do for your operation using Newtrax-branded technologies, please contact us. Or, feel free to browse the Newtrax website for additional details.

Digital Safety and Productivity for Underground Hard Rock Mines

Unlocking the true potential of your mining operations

  • TCP/IP/Ethernet connection with Newtrax Central Server
  • Immediate notification of alarms by email and cellular SMS
  • Monitoring of system integrity
  • Web-based GUI for suite of electronic safety and automation applications
  • Option of external line power for use in areas where wires are not problematic
  • Provides both mobile access and backhaul routing functionality
  • Battery-powered wireless multi-hop router with years battery life

  • Control your fans and pumps remotely
  • Can be wired to almost any piece of equipment requiring START/STOP and RUN STATUS monitoring
  • Embedded intelligence samples the instruments and digitizes the signal prior to transmission
  • Data acquisition is completely wireless and battery-powered, with years of battery life
  • Compatible with CAT, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, and more
  • Real-time data transfer over Wi-Fi, leaky feeder or Newtrax Wireless Network
  • No operator input required to monitor most equipment and operator KPIs
  • Optional monitoring of ignition and oil pressure switch
  • Buttons can be pressed with gloves on
  • Simple and reliable installation

  • State-of-the-art Personal Safety Device designed for underground mining
  • 30% lighter than other models, brighter and with a wider spot
  • Leaky Feeder evacuation notification
  • Emergency buttons to request assistance and notify the surface
  • Inertia sensor to detect man-down situations
  • Infrared receiver to detect safe zones
  • Wide front light beam for increased visibility

At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Newtrax to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.