X-Glo LED Strip Lighting Solutions Posted by RAMJACK April 28th, 2018

X-Glo LED Strip Lighting Solutions

X-Glo LED strip lighting provides a superior, cost-effective lighting solution for all industrial applications. Purpose-built to survive the harsh environment of underground mines, xGlo LED strip lighting can be configured for any lighting application; it comes in different colours and specifications and can be programmed to strobe to provide important directions to miners and operators. Easy to install, simple to maintain and able to outlast any other lighting system, xGlo is guaranteed to improve the safety and productivity performance of any dark environment.

xGlo is a high-quality LED lighting solution purpose built for mining, tunnelling and industrial uses.

xGlo is a high-quality LED lighting solution purpose built for mining, tunnelling and industrial uses.

Lighting the way

X-Glo strip lighting by Global LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) provides both permanent and temporary lighting for underground tunneling and mining, as well as open cut and surface mining locations for industrial and commercial operations. Easily installed, fire retardant, waterproof, and almost entirely maintenance-free, this product enhances the production, safety, and efficiency of mines throughout the globe. Additionally, X-Glo strip lighting is virtually indestructible and long-lasting, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

X-Glo Improves Safety

In any mining environment, adequate visibility is essential, and poor lighting is often cited as a factor in many underground mining accidents. While traditional fluorescent lighting creates a broad, wide dispersion of light that can contribute to glare, X-Glo LED strip lighting is directional, so 100% of the light emission from the LEDs is directed to the task area.

X-Glo Makes Financial Sense

Conventional lighting systems require a high cost to maintain, and they have relatively short lifespans. Since X-Glo LED strip lighting requires little maintenance and comes with a long warranty, the cost to maintain this lighting solution’s functionality is minimal.

X-Glo Improves Performance

X-Glo LED strip lighting is ultra-flexible, and it comes with a wide range of waterproof, heavy-duty, snap-on connectors that are quick and easy to install. Mining operators will be able to clearly see the task at hand without the glare and feedback of traditional fluorescent lights, which can greatly enhance productivity, accuracy, and overall mine output and performance.

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Saving Lives. Saving Energy. Saving Money.

x-Glo was specifically designed to provide both temporary and permanent lighting solutions for the mining environment.


x-Glo 60 LED is the most popular choice of our lighting solutions. This product is extremely versatile and provides daylight conditions underground.

x-Glo is a safe and efficient alternative to complex infrastructures that need constant maintenance.

300-36Volt Potted Drivers

Specifically developed for gaseous mines with no aluminium exposed. They are fully encapsulated within a PVC enclosure, and are available in both single & dual outputs. They are also great for Marine applications.

Snap On Connector Kits

A new design to allow ease of fitting when connecting different applications. These are normally fitted at the manufacturer saving time for the end user.

At Ramjack Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from X-Glo LED Strip Lighting Solutions to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.