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Ramjack Technology Solutions president and CEO Mike Jackson and Ramjack Technology Solutions GM for Sub-Saharan Africa Duncan Lee talk to Creamer Media at this year’s Electra Mining.

By focusing on real operational challenges as well as niche technologies that can help the digitisation journey, mining consultancy Ramjack Technology Solutions says a pragmatic approach enables mine operators to realise the true value of their technologies.

With this evolutionary approach, Ramjack’s specialised services and technology solutions guarantee a return on investment (ROI) within one budget cycle, the company says.

While advanced technology alone is not sufficient to guarantee the value-generation required to justify the capital outlay, Ramjack explains that the right technology roadmap, a comprehensive adoption and training programme, and ongoing support and knowledge transfer strategies complete the cycle.

“The Ramjack team ensures that when partnering with us, you will unlock all the value from your deployed mining systems,” the company notes.

Ramjack’s suite of mining services ranges from technology needs analysis, roadmap generation, technology selection and implementation, as well as complete remote operation center services, which enable a quick ROI.

Ramjack helps make mining safer, more productive and more profitable without sacrificing environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments, the company states, noting that it also provides services to streamline mining performance and solve current operational challenges with proprietary processes and advanced technology products.

The company specialises in applying high-performance strategies, purpose-built technologies, and customised services that increase productivity and improve safety for both surface and underground mines.

With proven results, the team’s technology adoption strategies guarantee value from a mine’s technology systems.

Ramjack helps mining companies build technology landscapes that digitally futureproof their investments by enabling them to effectively monitor, manage and optimise their operations in real-time.

As a pioneer in the world’s leading collaborative remote operational centres, Ramjack also leads a programme that gives mines 24/7 real-time monitoring of mission-critical production and safety systems.

With guaranteed results, Ramjack’s contracted technology optimisation service, the rROC, significantly increases the performance of key operational indicators with cyclical, continuous improvement processes for mission-critical mining systems.

Ramjack designs solutions that connect the ‘silos’ found in mining operations globally, meaning that each Ramjack solution bridges one operational silo or more as well as one vertical element or more of a technology solution, making the “mine of the future” possible today. 



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