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What It Is?

Despite the recent popularity of the term Short Interval Control (SIC), the concept of ‘managing by objectives’ through goal setting, regular evaluation and informed action has been in the mining industry since the dawn of time. Historically, miners used visual inspection and paper-based reporting to achieve the desired results, but with advances in technology, SIC activities are now being effectively supported by real-time data gathering, rapid communication and intelligent, algorithm-based decision-making.

Mining Methods

RAMJACK’s SIC solutions involve identifying and implementing effective actions to improve performance over-and-over again. RAMJACK considers the key to ensuring an effective SIC solution to be focusing attention as close to the mining face as possible. Addressing drilling, blasting, loading and hauling efficiently and effectively drives all downstream mining processes.

Surface Hard Rock Mining

How It Works?

RAMJACK utilises a suite of best-in-class inter-operable systems – integrated together – to achieve an effective, technology-driven SIC solution.

The key components to a RAMJACK Short Interval Control solution include:

  1. Ensuring the efficient and effective gathering of important information from equipment, sensors, miners and fixed assets through a comprehensive, fit-for-purpose IIoT program;
  2. Designing the most appropriate infrastructure for ubiquitous data communications to connect the mining face to operators, decision makers and management
  3. Implementing a technology agnostic software platform with the capability of integrating ‘silo’ solutions into an easy-to-use software application for mine visualisation and management.
Shovel & Dragline Performance
Real-time Mine Monitoring

Why It Matters?

The implementation of a RAMJACK recommended SIC solution provides a guaranteed payback within a single budget cycle.