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What It Is?

RAMJACK’s Mine Dewatering & Pump Control System allows operators to monitor underground water tables and reservoirs in real-time in order to ensure safe levels as well as automate dewatering when levels breach predetermined parameters.
Mine Dewatering & Pump Control
Mine Dewatering

How It Works?

Depending on the environment, water levels can be monitored using a variety of sensors. Locations are often remote, which is overcome by implementing a low power wireless network to transmit data over existing infrastructure. Data is only transmitted when there is a change in sensor value (ie. water level up/down), thereby enabling long lasting battery life of the wireless network.
Data received from sensors is then visualised through our advanced software platform that displays each sensor’s location in either 2D or 3D imagery. This enables personnel to set thresholds that either alert key personnel of rising levels and/or transmit start/stop orders to the associated pumps – again, using the same communication infrastructure as the sensor data.

Furthermore, by equipping the pumps with monitoring devices, not only is the risk of the pump running dry eliminated, but other potential mechanical failures can also be identified and dealt with before they become an issue.

Why It Matters?

Automating a mine’s dewatering process and real-time monitoring of water pumps removes a significant headache from a mine’s operations. Not only are personnel freed up to engage in other tasks, but removing the potential for human error significantly improves safety and reduces unplanned costs.
Mine Dewatering