Traffic Safety and Site Security Solutions

When looking to improve safety, reduce injuries, and avoid vehicle damage, efficient mine operations need reliable information about ever-changing road hazards and conditions. Ramjack has selected Ver-Mac products and services as a complete solution for traffic signaling, wireless telemetry and a central server software system. We trust Ver-Mac to provide smart work zone solutions with real-time, customisable road condition information to improve safety and asset mobility.

Innovative technology. Energy-efficient design. High-quality construction. Ver-Mac has earned its reputation as reliable and cost-effective. We trust Ver-Mac to provide superior traffic safety and site security technologies as stand-alone systems or as part of a comprehensive traffic management and mine security solution.

Ver-Mac Products

Underground Traffic Management

For underground operations, Ramjack integrates the Ver-Mac traffic signaling system with our underground wireless communications and tracking systems to help optimize the traffic flow in a ramp or decline beyond the line of sight.  This will increase productivity/tonnage output and reduce operational delays of equipment traveling on the ramp.

Surface Traffic Management

On surface, Ramjack integrates the Ver-Mac traffic signaling system with our compatible surface systems to help optimize traffic flow. Traffic safety is even more critical around boom gates and in mines where there is the possibility of intersection between heavy and light vehicles. Optimized traffic management leads to increased productivity and reduction in operational delays.

Variable Message Signs

Available as trailer-, truck-, or post-mounted; or customised for special projects, Ver-Mac signs are available in three-line or full matrix format. Power options include solar, battery, vehicle battery connection, or 220v connection.


Available as trailer-, vehicle-, or skid-mounted, and powered by solar panel/battery combination or vehicle connection.

Portable Light Towers

Available as trailer-mounted (solar-powered) or trolley-mounted (powered by high-performance batteries) and suitable for a variety of applications at short- or long-term projects. These units are eco-friendly, quick and easy to deploy, and do not require a generator.

Traffic Signals

Available with two different signal-phasing technologies (TLD, TLG) on various trailer-mounted (solar and battery-powered) or trolley-mounted (battery-powered) models.

Speed Signs

Real-time speed information enables driver awareness, reduces speeds, and creates a safer environment. Available as trailer-mounted (two-digit, three-digit, or full matrix) or post-mounted (variable speed limit).

Portable Traffic Cameras and Sensors

Perfect for smart work zone projects and dynamic mine roadways, software-enabled sensors gather speed data and automatically display it on message signs.  These trailer-mounted, trolley-mounted, or portable products are solar or battery powered.

Site Security

Ver-Mac’s mobile surveillance, video detection, and mobile LED lighting units are an excellent solution where electricity is otherwise unavailable.

Trailer- and trolley-mounted surveillance and deterrence units offer features such as solar, lead-acid battery power, lithium battery power, dome/thermal cameras, high-volume speaker, blue LED strobes, real-time alerts, remote viewing, SD card/cloud storage, rapid deployment, cellular communication, and autonomy of up to five days for trolley-mounted units and year-round for trailer-mounted units.

Compact, environmentally friendly, mobile LED units provide bright, cost-effective lighting for operating after dark or underground.

About Ver-Mac

Founded in 1957, Ver-Mac is a family-owned, world-leading manufacturer of mobile electronic traffic control equipment and lighting/security equipment. Using their JamLogic software, Ver-Mac also offers smart work zone solutions, providing real-time information to improve safety & mobility of workers and motorists.

The Ver-Mac team is proud to offer innovative, eco-friendly products to Ramjack customers, meeting the highest industry standards.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Ver-Mac to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.