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As specialists in supporting technology adoption at mines in Africa, we made the African continent home to our first – and largest – operation. Created specifically to address the many challenges African mines face when using technology to improve their productivity and safety performance, RAMJACK is proud to call Africa our home. And, we are proud to serve customers in countries throughout Africa managing both surface and underground mining operations.

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Our office in Johannesburg is responsible for managing our affairs with mining operations in South, Central, East, and West Africa. RTS South Africa is a Level-4 B-BBEE subsidiary dedicated to South Africa, and RTS West Africa in Accra, Ghana is a fully equipped subsidiary serving our West African customers. Our office in Barcelona handles contact with operations in North Africa.

For a complete range of mining systems integration services for your mine in Africa, including solution design, implementation and support, contact us today, and one of our offices in Johannesburg, Accra or Barcelona will be happy to provide you with our full suite of products and services.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, our regions served include Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.