Drill & Blast Management

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What Is It?

The Ramjack Drill & Blast Management system is purpose-built to streamline remote management of all mobile and human assets involved in drill and blast activities.
Empowered with a user-friendly process and an ecosystem of integrated, industry-leading, real-time systems, mines gain actionable, data driven insights and smart analytics that elevate the way their team approaches drill and blast processes and strategies. Our proven process empowers operations with better efficiencies, keeping the team all on the same page with mobile field applications, live dashboards, and real-time alerts, to improve safety, optimise productivity and digitally elevate your mine.
Drill & Blast Management

How It Works?

With decades of experience in mining’s harshest environments, Ramjack understands which systems and technologies synergistically provide a complete solution for mining’s biggest challenges. Our team has partnered with specialist manufacturers of purpose-built solutions for all drill and blast environments.
Mines are constantly pressured to increase production. We understand that it can be a challenge to disconnect from old methods but the outcomes are worth the effort. Streamlining drill and blast routines can improve safety and productivity, and reduce operational costs.
Old methods, such as paper spreadsheets, keep data in operational silos, and make sharing data and analysing results unnecessarily arduous. This not only causes extra legwork for your team, it leaves room for unnecessary errors and undermines data integrity.

Benefits of technology solutions include:

  • Streamlined drill and blast procedures
  • Reduction in post-blast downtime
  • Intuitive management analytics
  • Timely decision making
  • Improved safety
  • Increased productivity
Drill & Blast Management
Blast Management

Why It Matters?

The challenges that mines face during drill and blast procedures range from unnecessary downtime, prolonged re-entry, environmental monitoring, proximity of assets, access to historical data, loss of production to imminent danger of personnel. Ramjack not only understands the processes to solve these challenges, we know which technology solutions will ensure your team is armed with the best system possible. Together we can help you save time, money and ultimately lives.