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What Is It?

Fleet Management Systems (FMS) have been standard practice in open-pit mining for decades. Since the DISPATCH System was first introduced by Modular Mining in 1979, large surface mining operations have made use of advanced truck assignment algorithms to improve production.
Despite rapid, worldwide technological advancements, very little has changed in the design of traditional Fleet Management Systems. They are still very hardware centric; they still require a fairly large capital investment (both on mobile hardware and wireless communications) and the latest versions are difficult and cumbersome to customise.

Traditional systems continue to be the most popular solutions for large open-pit mines and productivity improvements from Modular Mining, Wenco and other Original Technology Manufacturers are well documented in the industry.

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How Does It Work?

RAMJACK’s approach to fleet management focuses on embracing recent advances in technology – such as: rugged tablets and modern generation mobile phone networks – and establishing a better understanding of the unique characteristics of each mine’s technology landscape. Through this approach, RAMJACK is able to bridge the ‘silo’ gaps between disparate IT/OT systems across the mining value chain to deliver an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, ‘low-code customised’ Fleet Management System.

Why Does It Matter?

RAMJACK delivers purpose-built FMS applications for both underground and surface operations fully integrated across the entire mining value chain regardless of your operation’s existing technology landscape. Coupled with flexible commercial arrangements, this puts traditional FMS capabilities well within the reach of any mining operation – large or small.
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