Machine Guidance & Mine Automation

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What Is It?

The implementation of Machine Guidance and Mine Automation Solutions solves many important challenges for mining operations, including improved safety, increased productivity and reduced variability. Numerous options exist for automating mine operations ranging from simple data collection to fully autonomous drills and trucks.
Mine Automation Solutions
The key to success for Machine Guidance Solutions is emphasising operator assist technologies, such as: shovel-based payload management solutions, mine compliance & grade control systems and operator-assist semi-automated drill solutions. Focusing on improving the effectiveness of operator performance through carefully designed user interfaces and advanced ‘gamification’ concepts, Machine Guidance Systems can result in immediate improvements in productivity up to 15%.
Real-time Mine Monitoring

How Does It Work?

RAMJACK’s approach to automation is unique as it emphasises real-life operational experience. Where large OEMs seek to dominate the autonomy landscape by complicating the technology beyond practical comprehension, RAMJACK seeks to simplify the process and accelerate the automation learning curve with a unique rapid deployment program including retrofitted autonomous solutions, rapid software customisation and concurrent autonomous ready studies.

Why Does It Matter?

Major mining houses all seek the same increase in productivity, improved safety and reduced variability through the use of technology. Getting it right depends on finding the right combination of technological know-how and a deep understanding of the mining application. For a pragmatic approach to machine guidance and automation technology in underground and surface mining, RAMJACK is the best technology partner in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America to bring all these facets together.
Surface Soft Rock Mining