Process Execution Management

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What Is It?

The key objective of a RAMJACK Process Execution Management System is to automatically generate critical tasks – across equipment types – to ensure efficient allocation of resources and efficient execution of critical path assignments.
Process Execution Management
Process Execution Management

How Does It Work?

When a certain stage of the drill / blast / dig cycle is completed, the RAMJACK Process Execution Management System automatically generates the task for the next resource / asset / equipment type. For automation of assignments to work, the accurate detection of ‘task completion’ is required. This can be done manually through data entry or ‘button pressing’, but it often leverages technology, as data entry by the miner is increasingly unpopular, often inaccurate and almost always inefficient.

Simple and traditional examples of automated Process Execution Management in mining, include:

  • On Surface – automatically creating a grader task by having a truck driver flag a bad area of the haul road
  • Underground – automatically dispatching secondary breaking equipment based on LHD status changes



Process Execution Management
However, real value generation for mines does not come from automated management of such ancillary tasks. The true value of a Process Execution Management System is realised through effective management of the core drill / blast / dig cycle. RAMJACK observes the highest return on investment being achieved by efficient execution ‘as close to the mining face as possible’ – i.e. anything that drives ‘face utilisation’ or that has a direct impact on utilisation of critical mining assets.
Process Execution Management

Why Does It Matter?

Leveraging technology is critical for effective process execution management as automatic closing of tasks and, more importantly, automatic creation of the next task, in real-time are best achieved through technology assistance – location tracking, status tracking, sensor data analysis, etc. Decision tree support and supervisor escalation is also critical, as processes cannot be relied on to always be linear. RAMJACK’s systems provide all the technology needed to realise the efficiency and productivity gains promised by process execution management theory.