Rock Stress Monitoring

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The System

The RAMJACK Rock Stress Monitoring System delivers wireless telemetry of vibrating wire stress meter data to a control room. This data allows for the direct measurement of:

  • Stress changes in a mine’s geotechnical program
  • Data in support of blast re-entry procedures for underground mines.
Rock Stress Monitoring
Rock Stress Monitoring

How Does It Work?

Unlike in-situ stress monitoring, Vibrating Wire Stress Meters measure the changes in rock stress after the instrument has been installed. Where a pillar fails in compression (when the stress in the rock exceeds its compressive strength), measuring rock stress in MPa is an important direct index.

The RAMJACK Rock Stress Monitoring system is the most predictive of our Rock Monitoring Systems because changes in rock stress are picked up before any seismicity or displacement occurs.

Rock Stress Monitoring is performed by connecting the array of Vibrating Wire Instruments to a wireless and battery powered data logger. Information is transmitted, in real-time, back to a central server using the same wireless system. Like other RAMJACK systems, for best results, this system is used pervasively throughout the mine so that an overall, and fully integrated, understanding of the rock mass can be achieved.

Why Does It Matter?

The value of the RAMJACK Rock Stress Monitoring System is its predictive capability and real-time communications. Each RAMJACK system – combined into a complete RAMJACK Geotechnical Monitoring Solution – paints part of the picture as to what is going on with the rock mass during mining. This picture is not complete without the RAMJACK Rock Stress Monitoring System.

Rock Stress Monitoring