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What It Is?

For any mining operation, sustainable competitiveness means maintaining high levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety – under challenging conditions – all the time. This isn’t easy, and implementing production and safety technology is one of the tools mines use to run more effectively.
At Ramjack, our mandate is to help mines realise the full value of their deployed production and safety technologies. Bridging this gap between mine operations and technology manufacturers is an enlightening position – we have the opportunity to truly see things from both sides and, as a result, our approach to technology strategy is unique.

While technology selection is critical to sustainable success, the decision of which technology to implement is only the beginning (and not the most important component to value realisation). The real value from technology comes from using the new application to deliver the ROI that justified the original purchase.

How It Works?

RAMJACK’s technology strategy and roadmap services focus on three elements:

Gap Analysis

Including: a detailed evaluation of the existing technology landscape and an investigation into the most significant pain points.

Scope Management

We focus on technology deployments that move the needle quickly and deliver a guaranteed ROI in a short period of time – gains achieved in Phase 1 pay for the investments needed for Phase 2.

System Evolution

Every road map is pragmatic, achieving a technology vision completely ‘future-proofed’ while regularly revisiting ROI calculations to ensure ongoing value.

Why It Matters?

At Ramjack, we can help solve your immediate challenges through the successful adoption of advanced mining technologies. We provide and implement cutting-edge technology solutions and advanced knowledge transfer services to help your mine:

Be informed


Exceed production targets


Eliminate costs


Save lives


Empower your workforce


Stay connected

Contact us now and let us help you develop a Technology Strategy and Roadmap for your mine that will guarantee value realisation – making your mine a more efficient, productive, and safer place – now and long into the future.