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Using purpose-built mining technology and real-time communication solutions to be informed about your mine.

Ensuring the safety, health, and productivity of the mine and everyone who works in it is the top priority for all responsible mine operators.

Preventing and controlling circumstances that may compromise the health and safety of mine personnel or disrupt the ongoing productivity of the mine requires intensive monitoring and swift decision-making.

The first step in the data management process is figuring out just exactly what data needs to be measured in order for it to be managed.

Mine Safety Management
Mine Safety Management

There’s a long list of information needed to make good decisions for a mine:

  • the status and behaviour of rock masses, tails dams and waste dumps;
  • the levels and rates of change of groundwater and other surrounding bodies of water;
  • the levels and movements of dangerous gases, air flow and temperature;
  • the location and movements of people, equipment and plants;
  • the overall health, availability and utilisation of the mining equipment;
  • the status of the mining face and the status of the people and equipment there;
  • the occurrences of near-misses, incidents and accidents;
  • etc…
There is a lot to keep track of in a mine. And, while it is a challenge to be on top of it all, having this data is essential because having it (at the moment when it’s actually needed) allows engineers and managers of underground and surface mines alike to be informed effectively about the potential risks – making it at least possible for them to take the appropriate action.

At Ramjack, we believe firmly in the fact that being suitably informed is the only way to improve production and safety performance at mines. And, we’ve surrounded ourselves with technology partners who share our vision. These relationships give RAMJACK the most advanced and comprehensive mining solutions portfolio in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Contact us now to find out more about how our technology solutions can help you be informed about all aspects of your mine’s status and performance in real time.