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RAMJACK is an experienced provider of some of the most technologically advanced mining products currently available to the mining industry.

We specialize in real-time monitoring of equipment, production, sensors and safety with a focus on providing affordable advanced technology that is decentralized (no cables for power or connectivity), easy to use (our implementation programs put you in charge) and that are purpose-built (all our products are designed to solve a specific mining problem).   Our partners and products have been meticulously selected to achieve this end.


Mine Management, Visualisation & Optimisation (MineOne)

Revolutionary software platform solution used for mine/fleet management applications, automated dispatch, advanced visualization, and horizontal integration along the mining value chain.

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Production & Maintenance Management Vehicle Health Monitoring

Advanced vehicle health monitoring for mobile equipment and fixed assets, including automated data collection, telemetry and analysis.

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Proactive, Real-time Fatigue Monitoring (Life)

Predictive fatigue monitoring system for heavy industry using EEG-based sleep science to eliminate 100% of all fatigue incidents in any operation.

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Atmospheric, Air Quality Monitoring & Process Control

Intrinsically Safe air quality monitoring, gas detection and ventilation management for heavy industry; complete with a wide range of communication capabilities.

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Mine Design Technologies (MDT)

Geotechnical Monitoring Instrumentation

A specialized range of in-hole instrumentation to measure rock movement on surface and underground; fully compatible with all data telemetry protocols.

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Rugged, Self-Cleaning Cameras (ToughEye)


Purpose-built cameras for harsh industrial environments, designed to withstand exposure to repeated contamination, temperature variations and harsh weather.

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Drones for Underground Scanning


Innovative drone solutions designed to scan inaccessible underground workings safely and efficiently from remote locations.

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uGPS Rapid Mapper™

Underground Scanning of Tunnels & Shafts

Mobile mapping platform creating a rapid point-cloud representation of underground tunnels and shafts for projects, planning, and operations.

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Shovel, Front-end Loader & Dragline Monitoring Systems

Advanced monitoring technology for ground-engaging equipment in surface mining operations, complete with: digger-based payload optimisation, machine health, mine compliance and situational awareness.

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Remote, real-time and battery-powered data-collection and telemetry technology used to monitor geotechnical and hydrological instruments up to 15km away.

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