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GPS Signal Propagation & Tracking Underground

Aerospace technology applications adapted for underground use through the real-time propagation of actual GPS signals into underground workings. GPS tracking has become a fundamental part of many industries and is especially valuable for the control and tracking of vehicles and other assets. But what happens when vehicles operate in confined areas or underground, where there is no GPS coverage?

GPS Coverage Extension and Software-Based Navigation

Syntony’s products and solutions solve this problem by extending GPS coverage into confined spaces and taking it underground. They also allow you to take advantage of the benefits of software-based navigation, a fast-growing trend, e.g. customizability and post-delivery upgradability.

Key products relevant to the mining sector include:

A unique technological solution that brings GPS signals inside the remote, inaccessible, confined, and labyrinthic environments typically encountered in surface/open-pit and underground mines, providing continuity of GPS tracking, This technology gives mine operators the ability to map their environment and track vehicles, machinery, and other assets fitted with embedded GPS chipsets, throughout the mine – whether they operate underground, on the surface, or both.

An advanced, real-time, fully customizable, software-based GPS receiver that overcomes the material limits of most chip-based receivers, e.g. limited or no upgradability and versatility. SoftSpot can be adapted to the client’s specific needs and can handle all environmental constraints to ensure precise location availability at all times. It is also designed to run on existing embedded platforms or mobile systems.

Since its establishment in 2015, Syntony GNSS has been shaping the future of navigation. The company’s core focus is the manufacture and supply of software-based location and navigation systems.

From its offices in Toulouse (headquarters), Paris, San Francisco, New York, and Montreal, and using distributors in Asia and Europe, Syntony services a wide range of customers, including blue-chip companies and major city metros, globally, in industries and environments like mining, transportation, automotive, aerospace, and IoT (internet of things).

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Syntony to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.