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The most comprehensive fuel management system in the industry, complete from sensors to software to savings.

VERIDAPT is a world leader in digital solutions for commodity supply chains. Their fuel management system, AdaptFMS, provides significant improvements in operational efficiency and productivity improvements for Ramjack’s global customers.

AdaptFMS Fuel Management System

The most comprehensive fuel management system in the industry, complete from sensors to software to savings, AdaptFMS provides business more than just fuel monitoring – the system allows process automation, cost reduction, productivity improvements, and risk management governance. With cloud-based platform and rugged field hardware, your operations will gain a complete fuel management system from this industry-leading innovation.

AdaptFMS Software


Delivering accountability


Real-time inventory monitoring


Secure dispensing



Precise transparent supplier interactions

AdaptFMS Hardware

On-site management, authorisation, and control










AdaptFMS Benefits

  • Scheduled tank gauging to eliminate manual dipping events
  • Implementing vendor managed inventory and confirmation of delivery volumes to ensure accurate deliveries
  • Automated cost allocation between departments
  • Generate reports for taxation and environmental accountability
  • Integrating with ERP systems for data exchange
  • Improving cost allocation and control
  • Use reports to ensure access to carbon taxes claims and fuel rebates
  • Reduce theft and stock level holdings through digitised inventory management and controlled access to fuel and lubricants
  • Eliminate stockouts at fuel and lubricant facilities, especially in remote locations
  • Reducing the frequency and time of refuelling through measurement and benchmarking
  • Use field data to validate business improvement initiatives and optimise fleet purchasing
  • Identifying anomalies and outliers to monitor service truck productivity and reduce costly equipment repairs
  • Improving compliance with legislative requirements (such as workplace health and safety, dangerous goods and mine safety), by reducing the need for manual data recording
  • Access to real-time data to ensure accurate reporting to government (Department of Environment, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, National Pollutants Register)

About the company

VERIDAPT is an industrial IoT business bringing together the best in software, hardware, and services to provide millions in savings and added value to our customers. Having never lost a customer, we are taking over 20 years of experience and collaborating with international innovators to venture into new markets.

For more information https://www.veridapt.com/adaptFMS

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from VERIDAPT to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.