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RAMJACK is an experienced provider of some of the most technologically advanced mining products currently available to the mining industry.

We specialise in real-time monitoring of equipment, production, sensors and safety with a focus on providing affordable advanced technology that is decentralised (no cables for power or connectivity), easy to use (our implementation programs put you in charge) and that are purpose-built (all our products are designed to solve a specific mining problem).   Our partners and products have been meticulously selected to achieve this end.

Underground mine efficiency


Mine Management, Visualisation & Optimisation (MineOne)

Revolutionary software platform solution used for mine/fleet management applications, automated dispatch, advanced visualization, and horizontal integration along the mining value chain.

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Industrial Internet of Things technologies delivering actionable insights and analytics to streamline management of fixed and mobile assets.

Established in Canada’s mining heartland, Symboticware innovates in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), delivering real-time, actionable, data-driven insights and smart analytics to streamline remote management of fixed and mobile assets in the natural resources sector.

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Proactive, Real-time Fatigue Monitoring (Life)

Predictive fatigue monitoring system for heavy industry using EEG-based sleep science to eliminate 100% of all fatigue incidents in any operation.

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Atmospheric, Air Quality Monitoring & Process Control

Intrinsically Safe air quality monitoring, gas detection and ventilation management for heavy industry; complete with a wide range of communication capabilities.

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Mine Design Technologies (MDT)

Geotechnical Monitoring Instrumentation

A specialised range of in-hole instrumentation to measure rock movement on surface and underground; fully compatible with all data telemetry protocols.

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Rugged, Self-Cleaning Cameras (ToughEye)


Purpose-built cameras for harsh industrial environments, designed to withstand exposure to repeated contamination, temperature variations and harsh weather.

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Autonomous Mapping and Inspection Robotics with Automated Analytics


Inkonova offers high-tech, real-time drone technology to enhance the way mines handle inspection, mapping, and data acquisition in their underground environments.

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Syntony GNSS

GPS Signal Propagation, Tracking & Navigation Underground

Reliable GPS coverage is critical for mining operations, yet signals cannot always reach confined areas on the surface or in the far corners of underground labyrinths.

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Remote, real-time and battery-powered data-collection and telemetry technology used to monitor geotechnical and hydrological instruments up to 15km away.

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Booyco Electronics

Proximity Detection & Collision Avoidance (Level 9)

At the forefront of personnel safety, Booyco has revolutionised the way operations protect their human assets amidst the ever-evolving mine safety regulations.

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Environmental Monitoring Solutions

LSI-Lastem has engineered an innovative solution for permanent geoelectric monitoring of soil conditions.

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Wireless Solutions For Intelligent Operations

Driving safety and stability through real time data.

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Fuel Management System


The most comprehensive fuel management system in the industry, complete from sensors to software to savings.

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Fibre Optic Sensing-based Solutions

Silixa has innovated fibre optic sensing-based solutions that address a wide range of challenges.

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Short Interval Control and Process Management

GroundHog technologies help mines move more tonnes, faster and safer. The technologies available include mine digitization and automation apps, IoT Sensors, and AI.
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Cascadia Scientific

Data Science Platform for Mining Equipment

CascadiaThrough on-vehicle fuel measurement, advanced analytics, and machine learning, Cascadia Scientific empowers data-driven improvement opportunities that increase efficiency and production while reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions of mining equipment.
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Real-time Location Tracking Systems

LeantegraIncrease the value of your existing technology investments with precise location & asset tracking! Leantegra’s suite of solutions offers real-time location tracking systems (RTLS), location intelligence and robust location analytics for the mining industry.
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