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Cascadia Scientific

Cascadia Scientific

Through on-vehicle fuel measurement, advanced analytics, and machine learning, Cascadia Scientific empowers data-driven improvement opportunities that increase efficiency and production while reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions of mining equipment.

Data science & decision intelligence for fuel management


Simple and impactful workflows identify and analyze road network trouble spots, enabling you to generate reports that determine frequent rack or ground impulse events to mitigate some of your most fuel-intensive areas. Visualizations of your haulage network will identify:

✔ high energy intensity areas
✔ fluctuating grade
✔ high vibration and low speed incidents


Empower your operators to do their best work with tools for:

✔ model-based operator scoring
✔ real-time machine learning
✔ behavior alarms


Understand the efficiency and productivity of mining assets by monitoring their allocation, work intensity and operator assignment. A view of true equipment performance enables targeted maintenance, optimal equipment allocation and intelligent life cycle management. Tools include:

✔ oil condition sensing
✔ emissions reporting
✔ real-time performance monitoring

Data Innovation Driving Value

Actionable recommendations enable you to make the right decision at the right time. Here are some examples of value derived by our products:

Efficiency triggered maintenance

Annual savings of 26k liters of fuel and 70 tonnes of CO2 per truck

Road Network Improvement

Annual savings of $1.4M and decreased cycle times

Operator Performance Management

2% efficiency gains, reduced equipment abuse events

Equipment, Fuel, & Lube Validation

Validate product claims in your own operation

ML Operator Coach

Address operator performance in real-time

✔ Live leaderboard measures relative operator performance and behavior
✔ Life distribution plot communicates ongoing shift efficiency and site performance
✔ Live efficiency trendline displays efficiency trends of individual operators
✔ Live alarm tables immediately present operator abuse events


About Cascadia Scientific

Cascadia Scientific is a leader in advanced fuel management solutions for international mining and petrochemical companies. Their mission is to implement impactful changes guided by high-quality data and leading-edge analytics. Relying on accurate real-time fuel measurement, Cascadia´s SmartRView platform provides novel insights into one of the largest operating expenditures – diesel fuel.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer advanced fuel management capabilities from Cascadia Scientific to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.