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Cascadia Scientific


Focus on extracting ore from the ground; we’ll extract the value from your data. Cascadia Scientific empowers data-driven improvement opportunities that increase efficiency and production while reducing mining equipment’s costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Data science & decision intelligence for mining equipment


Proven solutions for haul road management.

Cascadia Scientific Terrain tools visualise your hauls roads to target interventions that reduce fuel use, GHG emissions, and accelerated equipment wear. Cascadia Scientific combines high-accuracy fuel consumption data with measurements of road grade, vehicle speed, position, motion, and altitude to construct visual representations of haul road networks. Cascadia Scientific continuously supports clients in identifying and correcting hot spots to maximise efficient and productive operation.

Key benefits:

✔ Industry-leading IIoT devices for accurate data collection
✔ Simple and easy visualization tools
✔ Integration with high-resolution satellite imagery and drone footage
✔ Heat Mapping: Visualise your mine with the following filters: fuel Intensity, grade, vehicle speed, fuel rate, engine speed, gear selection, acceleration and more
✔ Points of Interest: Identify locations of road shock/impact events, racking events, roll/ cornering events, and aggressive braking/bucking events.


Help your operators succeed.

Your people are your greatest assets. Empower your operators with Cascadia Scientific’s operator performance management program.
Variance in operator performance regularly results in efficiency gaps of 8%. This variance can represent a fuel cost between USD 50,000 – USD 100,000 per year at a standard open pit mine site. Cascadia Scientific uses custom sensors and machine learning to rank operator performance and provide specific recommendations to capture productivity and efficiency gains.

Key Benefits:

✔ Machine learning models rank operator performance normalized for truck allocation and work intensity
✔ Custom alarms to capture poor operator behaviour
✔ Real-time operator performance monitoring with ML Operator Coach
✔ Site-specific recommendations for operator improvement


A true view of equipment performance.

Cut through the noise with normalised equipment performance assessments. Cascadia Scientific provides industry-leading solutions for mining equipment operators.
The SmartRView platform offers subscribers the unrivalled ability to isolate the impact of individual machine performance on haulage efficiency and productivity. With this intelligence, mines can make fully informed decisions impacting the entire equipment life cycle.

✔ Machine Learning models generate performance assessments normalised for haulage intensity
✔ Equipment-focused dashboards track all common efficiency and productivity metrics,
✔ Emissions workflows report on various exhaust gas elements, including CO2 and NOX,
✔ Maintenance-related workflows track equipment utilization between service events and monitor oil condition in real time

ML Operator Coach

Improve Operator Performance in Real-Time.

Driven by customer demand, Cascadia Scientific has developed a new and innovative operator performance monitoring system called “ML Operator Coach”. This tool reports on operator performance in real-time by comparing measured haul cycle results to an evolving model of the mine representing peak performance.

Key Benefits

✔ Live “Leaderboard” measuring relative operator performance & behaviours
✔ Live “Distribution Plot” to quickly communicate ongoing shift efficiency and site performance
✔ Live “Efficiency Trendline” displaying efficiency trends of individual operators
✔ Live “Alarm Table” to immediately present operator abuse events

How does it work?

Built on the backbone of the SmartRView platform, ML Operator Coach provides near real-time evaluation of operator tactics and efficiency, intended to support immediate intervention. ML Operator Coach offers a live ‘control room’ inspired interface to help the supervisory activities of operators in near-real time.

About Cascadia Scientific

Headquartered in Vancouver Canada, Cascadia Scientific provides decision intelligence that drives optimised mining operations. We unlock productivity, efficiency, and availability gains by combining high-precision sensing, vehicle network integration and leading-edge machine learning (ML) techniques. Our work is only done once the intelligence we uncover drives organizational change and directs targeted interventions.