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Process Execution & Forms Management

Tablet-based underground Short Interval Control, Process Execution and Forms Management application for easy to implement underground mine management. The family of workforce apps provided by groundHogApps, a leading Silicon Valley-based provider of productivity software, helps move the mining industry forward by increasing operational efficiency, productivity, and employee safety.

Key products include:

A fleet management and production control software solution that is perfectly optimised for underground mines, controls production, and tracks and improves workforce scheduling (delivering deep, process efficiency improving insights), helping operators to build a mine that is safe, profitable, and highly efficient. With groundHog, operators and frontline supervisors can safely maximise mining intensity, boosting production by up to 40% and moving more dirt, faster.

A comprehensive fleet management system that helps operators of small mines and quarries optimise production, maximise equipment availability and utilization, track consumables and costs, and monitor safety and ​compliance by leveraging real-time data and GPS tracking. The sleek digital inspection system boosts safety and allows quarries to get the most out of their equipment by facilitating high-level maintenance operations.

A safety analytics and digital inspection app that helps safety managers perform workplace and equipment examinations, conduct safety audits, and schedule preventative maintenance inspections. The app can be implemented in 15 minutes, performs inspections, records hazards and sends alert warnings as required to tablets or mobile phones, and automatically generates records that comply with regulatory frameworks.

A user-friendly form digitization solution that allows mines and plants to record and submit operational and regulatory compliance forms, increasing productivity and promoting better communication and teamwork. Mine supervisors and field operators can use the system to create and digitise a variety of forms, including equipment inspection reports, certificates of training, compliance forms, health and safety forms, work orders, and inventory management forms and records

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from GroundHogApps to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.