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Mine Management, Visualisation & Optimisation (MineOne)

Reactore has revolutionised mine/fleet management applications, automated dispatch, advanced visualization, and horizontal integration along the mining value chain. Reactore is a cutting-edge, future-proof, modular software solution, with comprehensive resource and operational management features for digitally transforming mines.

Increase Safety and Productivity.

One platform, multiple mining solutions.

A Perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best “people-formula” for a great product.

Reactore designs and develops innovative software applications that create efficiency, resolve business problems, and provide insight.

Reactore’s leaders each have more than a decade experience with the full software development life-cycle, across multiple industries, software platforms and regions. Each member brings their unique dynamism, out of the box thinking, creativity and experience to the team, with a shared vision and passion for continual design and development of test-driven, creative, leading edge software applications.

Transform the way you view and manage your operations

Real time enterprise data in a 3D dashboard allows for intuitve management analytics and timely decision making to improve safety and productivity.

Share data, in real-time, from previously disconnected systems.

Share data in real time from different systems across different networks from any location, by using Reactore’s RSB-Agent and RSB-Lite integration engine. Connect to plant equipment, access control systems, data producing assets, various software applications and beyond. If your coffee machine produces data, Reactore can talk to it! Convert ordinary equipment and devices into smart devices and use the collated data meaningfully, in a consolidated reporting and analytical environment, with a ‘single page’ real-time view of all operations.

The power of Reactore, anytime, anywhere, in the palm of your hand.

Extend the power of the Reactore ERP solution into the field with the Reactore Mobile Field Application which can be used on most smart phones and tablets. The App facilitates up and downstream data propagation from control room to field and vice versa. Transactions performed on the mobile application are reflected in the larger application itself and similarly operators and personnel in the field are provided with up to date data relating to their area of concern. The app also provides personnel with useful information related to their performance and HR related information such as employee details and leave balances.

Reactore is a service oriented, technology based, solution provider

At Reactore, we recognise that each mining operation has unique constraints and challenges and that the success of an ERP solution lies in the execution of an effective implementation strategy.
Instead of just providing off the shelf applications we instead envision ourselves as solution providers and actively collaborate with our clients to ensure fit-for-purpose solutions that really make a difference and bring a tangible return on investment.Reactore personnel consult with our clientele to optimise business process and achieve maximum gains by leveraging the power of the technology we provide for solution optimisation for effective management of economic, operational and risk related challenges.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Reactore to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.