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Yumarr Automation

Yumarr Automation

Contact with moving booms and entanglement with rotating drill steels is an industry-wide problem for mining operations and is a hazard for operators within these harsh environments. Eliminate the risk created by human factors with the JumboGuard assistance system.

Yumarr Automation

Smart Solutions

The Automatic Boom Isolation System

Building the frontline of an underground mine is a critical part of the mining operation. The risk of inadvertent contact with moving booms and entanglement in rotating drill steels continues to be an industry wide problem when people are working with underground drill rigs. To manage this hazard, safety procedures have been implemented, but due to human factors, incidents are still occurring.

YUMARR Automation has developed an assistance system that protects the operating crew and significantly reduces the risk of human errors. JumboGuard has been designed to be retrofitted to all types of underground drilling equipment such as rock and cable bolters as well as face drill rigs.

Protect your operating crew while minimizing the risk of human error!

JumboGuard works directly with your underground drilling equipment in addition to face drill rigs.


  • Small ruggedised operator touch display (industrial computer)
  • 2 x Laser Scanner “Left” / “Right” in protective housings
  • 2 x dual colour LED Lights “Red” / “Green”
  • 2 x Buzzer “External” / “Internal” for audible signalling
  • Control Cabinet including
    • Safety PLC
    • Safety I/O Module
    • Relays
    • Industrial Ethernet switch Ethernet connection of the sensors and the display
    • DC/DC converter provides smooth clean power to the system
    • Power terminals and fuses
  • Cables for laser scanner, operator display, LED lights, buzzers and Ethernet switch
  • Operator panel with 22mm “CONFIRM” Push Button, 22mm “Maintenance” Key Switch

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Yumarr Automation to clients in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.