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Tailings Dam Colloquium

22 & 23 June

The Institute of Mine Surveyors of Southern Africa Presents the TAILINGS DAM COLLOQUIUM
ANEW Resort Hunters Rest, Rustenburg, South Africa

Ramjack will be participating in the Tailings Dam Colloquium, an event dedicated to discussions and presentations on TSF (Tailings Storage Facility).  Our team will be presenting on Experiences with Real-Time Tailings Dam Monitoring. (See below for discussion details.)

ICCM standards experts come together to discuss how TSF standards are implemented in South Africa.

Topics include:

  • Panel discussion focused on the duties of mine surveyors during the lifecycle of a TSF facility.
  • Talks from technology suppliers who provide instruments and / or spatial data enabling TSF operators to monitor and manage physical structures, deposition rates and expansions.
  • Relevant technologies that enable TSF monitoring
  • Mine surveyors’ role in managing the integrity of these large surface structures.



Experiences With Real-Time Tails Dam Monitoring 

Mine waste must be stored permanently, as such, Tailings Storage Facilities must be built to last forever, failure-free. Diligent prevention of catastrophic failure requires a comprehensive monitoring program.  There is a vast range of technology available to help mining companies ensure their Tailings Storage Facilities are secure – and, in the event of an issue – that they receive ample advanced warning to allow for corrective action.

However, navigating the extensive instrumentation, data telemetry and data analytics landscape in the mining industry is complicated.  Mines are spoiled for choice, yet incidents of Tailings Storage Facility failures still occur far too frequently.  Maybe too much choice is part of the problem as many mines struggle to move beyond the tried and tested vibrating wire piezometer to the latest technology available to support a comprehensive Tailings Storage Facility monitoring program.

Ramjack Technology Solutions’ President & CEO, Mike Jackson, will explore the mining sector’s latest developments in monitoring technology, providing insights and experiences into both tried and tested instrumentation as well as the latest advancements in real-time monitoring.

Key elements of focus include:

  • The cause and effect of the four main modes of Tailings Storage Facility failures
  • Matching the right technological application to monitor each failure mode
  • Ensuring data is in the hands of the people who need it when they need it
  • Turning data into information, through analysis, to improve decision making
  • Providing the right service model to the industry to maximize safety

Sharing practical examples and recent use cases, Mike will show how a comprehensive instrumentation plan – coupled with real-time centralized monitoring – can minimize the industry’s risk pertaining to catastrophic Tailings Storage Facility failures.