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What do we do?

Ramjack creates technology solutions for mine operations using a combination of best-of-breed products and localised, custom services.

Unlike traditional technology manufacturers, Ramjack respects your existing technology landscape and designs solutions to connect the “silos” inherent in any operating mine that has ever deployed a technology application.

Each Ramjack solution bridges one or more operational silos at a mine and one or more vertical elements of a technology solution.

Horizontal integration:


Assessing existing workflow

and the existing technology landscape to design an interconnected solution.

Connecting the mining value chain

through software integration from “silo” to “silo” ensuring seamless data flow.

Filling gaps between “silos”

with advanced software applications using specialised software “building blocks”.

Vertical integration:

Scoping, deploying and configuring

instrumentation & hardware devices.

Designing, deploying and optimising

communications backbones & data telemetry networks.

Specifying, installing and configuring

software applications to meet the specific mine requirements.