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Who are we?

RAMJACK Technology Solutions is a specialised system integrator dedicated to operations technology for the mining industry in harsh, remote and challenging regions.

With offices located in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, we are well positioned to serve mining operations with localised services – at the highest global standard – that guarantee improvements in safety, productivity and effectiveness. RAMJACK was founded in 2013 on the back of decades of practical experience in the real-time mining technology space.

Staffed with mining industry experts and pragmatic, technology practitioners, RAMJACK is unique in its approach to mining technology. The Group exists to fill the gaps between Original Technology Manufacturers (OTM) and mine operations through our mandate to Monitor, Manage and Optimise anything that matters to a mine in real-time.

Mining System Integration

For our technology partners, we provide market and application expertise in geographical territories with very specific challenges and requirements. For our mining partners, we provide a bridge between existing niche technologies and mine operations that wish to see their requirements met with a solution that works – designed to remedy their specific challenge.

We are laser-focused on operational technology that can do two things:

  1. Increase mine productivity
  2. Improve safety performance.

With a vast range of mining technology experience, and backed by partnerships with best-of-breed technology manufacturers from across the globe, RAMJACK has a suite of products and services that solve almost any operational challenge experienced by mines.

When integrated across the breadth of the mining value chain – based on the specific needs of an operation – we create a unique solution, tailor-made to each mine, but without the shortfalls of ‘legacy customization’.

Mining System Integration

Whatever the production or safety challenge you are experiencing at your mine – on surface or underground – RAMJACK has the technology solution and the appropriate localised service to assist you.

Send us your challenge, and we’ll help you solve it.

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