Monitoreo de Aguas en la Tierra

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Ground Water Monitoring

What It Is?

The RAMJACK Ground Water Monitoring System consists of piezometers communicating in real-time to a central server. Open pit and certain underground operations require a vast array of piezometers to determine ground water levels and forecast pumping needs for mine dewatering. Rising water tables can cause serious problems as water lubricates cracks in the rock, accelerating rock failures.

How It Works?

RAMJACK’s Ground Water Monitoring Systems are built by installing one or multiple piezometers into each hole or well – depending on hole-depth and column height of water. A wireless and battery-powered data logger powers the Vibrating Wire Piezometers in addition to collecting and transmitting the data. The data logger has the ability to store data locally in cases where wireless communication is not available and, unlike other systems, the data is stored in an SQL database – making the system ideal in nearly all environments.
Ground Water Monitoring
Ground Water Monitoring

Why It Matters?

The real benefit of this RAMJACK system is its ability to measure water table readings across a large array of piezometers at the same time and instantly communicate those readings to operators. As a result, control room operators can act on changes to the water table model quickly in order to maximise employee safety and avoid serious risk. Unlike other systems in the same class, the RAMJACK Ground Water Monitoring System is designed for Geotechnical, Hydrology and Control Room Operators alike.