Monitoreo de la Calidad del Aire

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What It Is?

RAMJACK Air Quality Monitoring Systems are composed of an array of fixed and wireless all-in-one gas sensors that measure readings at the face and relay that information in real-time to a central server for analysis and action.

Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring

How It Works?

Many Air Quality Monitoring Systems rely on wired connections, but for a system to provide maximum value, sensors must be installed as close to the face as possible. As such, battery-powered and wireless gas monitors are a necessity. Few mines want to install sensors close to the face and, those that do, can rarely afford to install multiple devices to meet all data requirements. This is why, at Ramjack, the device at the face serves as an “all in one” gas sensor, wet bulb temperature sensor, air velocity monitor, fan & pump controller, a tag reader for position tracking as well as a data logger for geotechnical applications. By having an all in one device that can talk WiFi, LTE and even UHF / VHF, mines are sure to get the data required for effective environmental monitoring at the face.

Why It Matters?

Nothing improves available shift work time and productivity like gas sensors that accelerate blast re-entry. But, for blast re-entry times to improve, the gas sensor must be at the face during the blast.

Personal gas detectors are important safety devices, but they are not very effective at improving productivity. The RAMJACK Air Quality Monitoring System – monitored in a control room – is the most powerful tool to improve shift available time and create a step productivity increase of 10 to 30%. It does this by dispatching crews at the start of shift to the faces that can be worked and taking better corrective actions to the problematic faces.

Air Quality Monitoring