Detección de Proximidad

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Proximity Detection Systems

What It Is?

The RAMJACK Proximity Detection System consists of real-time devices that communicate peer-to-peer to provide situational awareness information to equipment operators and miners in real time. These systems are the precursor technology to Collision Avoidance Systems that have the ability to accurately detect distance and safely stop vehicles automatically to prevent collision. Proximity Detection Systems are generally more affordable as they warn from longer distances using less accurate (and therefore less expensive) detection technologies.

How It Works?

On surface, Proximity Detection leverages GPS and, while mainly concerned with vehicle-to-vehicle interaction, the technologies available today are also able to provide valuable information about pedestrian proximity.

Proximity Detection Systems

For underground operations, preventing person-to-vehicle collisions is a more significant use-case. Thus, Proximity Detection Solutions are dependent on more advanced integration including support for non-line of sight interactions and the ability to provide warnings to pedestrians on foot. RAMJACK typically recommends integrating the proximity device in the miner’s cap lamp for ease of implementation and to deliver a reliable source of power.

Proximity Detection Systems

Why It Matters?

The ultimate goal of any Proximity Detection System is to empower equipment operators to prevent accidents and save lives by providing useful, early warning of nearby machines and people – even when visibility is impaired by the environment or surroundings. Proximity Detection is the first step towards a full-fledged Collision Avoidance System, which is fast becoming a legislative requirement in the mining industry around the world.