Proactive, Real-time Fatigue Monitoring (Life)

Predictive fatigue monitoring system for heavy industry using EEG-based sleep science to eliminate 100% of all fatigue incidents in any operation. Life by SmartCap is the world’s most effective fatigue monitoring solution that provides real-time feedback, helping drivers manage their alertness, anywhere, anytime. Developed specifically to overcome the limitations of other fatigue monitoring technologies, Life’s early warning alarms, combined with real-time monitoring enables proactive intervention to better manage fatigue risk.

Eliminating Fatigue Events, Making Operations Safer and More Productive

Eliminating fatigue from your operation requires much more than a reactive system scaring operators awake who have drifted off to sleep while performing their work. An effective fatigue management program requires a proactive approach that can predict the potential for fatigue incidents in advance, while maintaining individual privacy and empowering action.

Before Life by SmartCap, the available technologies to combat fatigue were neither predictive nor effective. These expensive and reactive systems – often requiring the installation of cameras in the operator cab – relied on lag indicators to generate alarms once a person had fallen asleep.

Life was developed specifically to overcome these limitations by using Electroencephalography (EEG) – the gold standard in sleep science. EEG has been used for more than 70 years in the study of sleep and is proven to be unaffected by glare, humidity, head turns, eye disease or behaviour.

Proactive. Not reactive

Life is predictive and does not require post processing or live monitoring of data to provide real-time operator alerts. It proactively monitors the initial stages of fatigue by alerting a person BEFORE symptoms of fatigue progress, enabling them to better manage their alertness levels.

Empowering People. Maintaining Privacy

The best person to manage your fatigue is you. Life empowers every person with early-warning alerts. By providing fatigue monitoring without the need for in-cab cameras, Life ensures ongoing compliance with the strictest of workplace privacy requirements.

Individual Reporting. Supporting Wellness

Life allows individual monitoring and reporting to help every employee understand their unique alertness profile. Regular mrecording helps reinforce personal responsibility and allows progress tracking to support wellness initiatives.

Real Data. Actionable Insight.

Life gathers the broadest spectrum of fatigue data providing everything from company-wide holistic trends to individual profiling. Our cloud-hosted analytics give you actual insight and decision support to any fatigue risk management system.


Life is the world’s most effective fatigue monitoring solution that provides real-time feedback, helping drivers manage their alertness, anywhere, anytime.

Life uses proprietary algorithms developed over years of research to actually predict the risk of microsleeps before they happen. By combining EEG (electroencephalogram) measurements of brain activity with SmartCap’s proprietary fatigue prediction algorithms, Life provides real-time, actionable feedback to operators and managers including fatigue alerts as the risk of microsleep is identified. In this respect, Life can actually eliminate fatigue related incidents from your operation.

Life uses the gold standard in sleep science – EEG technology – to monitor the alertness and awareness levels of equipment operators; it has been proven through numerous independent studies to be the safest and most effective method for monitoring fatigue levels. EEG has been used for over 70 years for measurement and prediction of fatigue. Its accuracy provides the lowest possible false alarm rate and it is unaffected by glare, humidity, head turns or operator behaviour – the challenges that plague camera-based fatigue monitoring systems.

Life does not require cameras, is comfortable to wear and can be integrated into existing in-cab display units making it the easiest fatigue monitoring system in the world to adapt to existing process, procedures and systems. The SmartCap Lifeband can be worn on its own or fitted into any headwear. It utilises Bluetooth technology to communicate with the SmartCap in-vehicle software to provide operators with individual feedback and alarms. Readings from the LifeBand are communicated back to a central control location for alarm handling, storage and analysis using 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or satellite communications.

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