Salud Operacional de los Vehículos

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Vehicle Health Monitoring

What It Is?

Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems use purpose-built, rugged data telemetry devices that interface with the CANBUS on a wide range of mobile equipment and fixed plant machinery. These devices listen through the CANBUS for data being communicated by the sensors deployed on the machines and communicate that information over the mine’s radio network to a central control room for action.

How It Works?

Traditionally, vehicle health data is downloaded after-the-fact and used to understand failures that have already occurred. RAMJACK recommends Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems with data telemetry capabilities so real-time information can be used to trend, predict and stop failures before they happen.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Most mines start with real-time response to alarms for quick gains. Next, alarm thresholds are adjusted to address the mine specific operational context. Ultimately, the system is configured to collect data that can be fed into ‘big data’ analysis systems to support Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Why It Matters?

Real-time monitoring through a Vehicle Health Monitoring System can provide huge savings to any mining operation through prevention of catastrophic failures as well as improved MTTR (mean time to repair) and MTBF (mean time between failure). Combining equipment maintenance information with production statistics can help mines understand operator behaviour patterns, road conditions, failure modes and much more. By deploying a RAMJACK recommended Vehicle Health Monitoring System, mines are guaranteed to achieve an ROI in less than 6 months.