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Tailings Dam Monitoring

What It Is?

The RAMJACK Tailings Dam Monitoring System consists of piezometers and other geotechnical instruments (such as extensometers, inclinometers, pressure cells and geo-resistivity monitors) that communicate wirelessly to a central server providing real-time information about thresholds, trends and alarms and important sensor datasets for advanced big data analysis.  

Technologies that provide time lapse analysis give comprehensive insight into the alteration of the soil’s resistivity profile over time, allowing the analysis of water content, the presence of cavities and other anomalies deep into the soil. Coupling our holistic monitoring system with sensors like pressure cells, extensometers and piezometers creates a comprehensive monitoring system for all earthen structures.

How It Works?

RAMJACK works with a range of specialist manufacturers of purpose-built instrumentation to deliver turnkey monitoring solutions for monitoring earthen structures. Our integrated solutions are suitable for new projects and can also enhance or extend any existing instrumentation. In all cases, RAMJACK’s instrumentation programs are designed to utilise the right instruments for the right job – connected to the right data capture and communication networks.

Most tailings dams are far away from the nearest technology installation and are therefore rarely covered by an existing wireless communication network. All RAMJACK data loggers and instrumentation programs are purpose-built for mining environments. Even the most advanced devices, such as georesistivity sensors are designed to provide real-time information.

Tailings Dam Monitoring
Tailings Dam Monitoring
Features of RAMJACK’s data loggers include:

  • Battery Power – reducing maintenance and management hassle while working in remote locations.
  • Sub-gigahertz Frequency Communication – providing sufficient bandwidth for mine applications while maximising transmission distance and minimising battery consumption.
  • Integration with line-powered gateways that can communicate back to the central server over Ethernet, WiFi or LTE.
  • Physical or Cloud Server integration to meet individual operation requirements.

Why It Matters?

The mining world is inundated with statistics outlining the horrific results of tailings dam failures, but tailings dam failures are completely avoidable. Tailings dams must be built to last forever making tailings storage an essential component to safe mining practices.  The safe construction and monitoring of tailings dams therefore is critical to the industry.  

RAMJACK provides all the technology necessary to help mining companies ensure their tailings facilities are secure – and, in the event of an issue – that they receive ample advanced warning to allow for corrective action.  By implementing RAMJACK’s Tailings Dam Monitoring System, mines receive data in real-time, allowing them to respond instantaneously to changes in the mining environment and, in turn, saving time, money and lives.

Tailings Dam Monitoring
Tailings Dam Monitoring

By integrating wireless telemetry, our Tailings Dam Monitoring System offers significant advantages:

  • Allows the maximum number of installed instruments without experiencing data collection challenges.
  • Significant time-savings by eliminating manual data capture providing more time to analyse data and improve operations.
  • More data for better decision-making as mines are able to analyse the entire tailings facility all at once.
  • Early identification of problems, allowing for timely intervention