Tailings Dam Monitoring

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What It Is?

The RAMJACK Tailings Dam Monitoring System consists of piezometers and other geotechnical instruments that communicate in real time to a central server.

How It Works?

RAMJACK works with a range of specialist manufacturers of piezometers and geotechnical instrumentation to deliver a turnkey solution for new projects. We can also work with any existing instrumentation. In either case, instruments using the Vibrating Wire or other “over the cable” transmission standards are connected to purpose-built data loggers.

Most tailings dams are far away from the nearest technology installation and are therefore rarely covered by an existing wireless communication network. All RAMJACK data loggers are purpose-built for mining environments. Features include:

  • Battery Power – reducing maintenance and management hassle while working in remote locations.
  • Sub-gigahertz Frequency Communication – providing sufficient bandwidth for mine applications while maximising transmission distance and minimising battery consumption.
  • Integration with line-powered gateways that can communicate back to the central server over Ethernet, WiFi or LTE.
  • Physical or Cloud Server integration to meet individual operation requirements.

Why It Matters?

By implementing this RAMJACK system, mines receive data in real-time, allowing them to respond instantaneously to changes in the mining environment and, in turn, saving time and money.

By integrating wireless telemetry, our Tailings Dam Monitoring System offers significant advantages:

  • Allows the maximum number of installed instruments without experiencing data collection challenges.
  • Significant time-savings by eliminating manual data capture providing more time to analyse data and improve operations.
  • More data for better decision-making as mines are able to analyse the entire tailings facility all at once.
  • Early identification of problems, allowing for timely intervention