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RAMJACK Becomes Master Distributor for SmartCap in EMEA Region

RAMJACK is proud to have been recently appointed the master distributor for SmartCap in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Fatigue management forms an important part of overall fleet and driver/operator management.  This innovative product has been developed to accurately assess driver or operator fatigue and provide an early warning system for the onset of ‘microsleeps’ and fatigue-related incidents.

What is SmartCap?

SmartCap is a system developed to monitor the fatigue levels of personnel who drive trucks or operate other heavy equipment within the mining, transport, and commercial sectors. Each SmartCap consists of a cap or other piece of headwear (hat, beanie, headband, or even hard hat) that is fitted with a removable sensor – Lifeband by SmartCap – and an in-cab display unit.

How SmartCap works

The sophisticated Lifeband sensor fitted to any piece of headgear can read the electrical brain activity (EEG) of the operator wearing it. This information is then processed and used to determine the fatigue level of the driver by measuring their ability to resist sleep (an accurate measure of overall fatigue). Information about the operator’s fatigue level is sent to the in-cab display unit via Bluetooth.

Benefits of Using Smartcap

  • SmartCap allows individual drivers to monitor and manage their own fatigue levels – before falling asleep. This leads to a feeling of being in control of their own fatigue management and overall higher job satisfaction levels.
  • Fatigue levels are communicated proactively – in advance of dangerous ‘microsleeps’ – without the use of cameras or reactive technology.  And, because there is no need for in-cab cameras, operators do not feel as if their privacy is being violated.
  • By using the SmartCap Fatigue Manager facility, supervisors and managers can remotely monitor the SmartCaps in use throughout their equipment fleet, allowing for big data analysis and important correlation between fatigue levels and both productivity and safety performance.

Where can SmartCap be used?

SmartCap can be used in mining, trucking, and industrial environments – wherever trucks and other heavy equipment are driven and used.

RAMJACK’s Director of International Business Development, Mike Jackson, is enthusiastic about this new addition to the RAMJACK product portfolio:

“We are very excited about adding this innovative and unique product to our lineup.  The ability to predict microsleeps before they happen finally provides mine operations and long-haul trucking/bussing fleets the opportunity to actually eliminate fatigue-related incidents from their business.  As a matter of fact, I personally won’t drive for more than an hour at a time without wearing my own Lifeband.”

Contact us now to find out more about SmartCap and how it can make your fleet operations safer due to better driver/operator fatigue management.