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Underground Soft Rock Mining

Gas detection and atmospheric monitoring systems make underground soft rock mining operations safer and more productive.

Underground Soft Rock MiningUnderground soft rock mining is a very challenging business. The substances extracted via this method, e.g. coal and certain minerals, generally have a lower relative value than is the case with hard rock underground mining. Therefore, in order to be economically viable, most underground soft rock mining operations are required to process vast amounts of material every day and are very focused on productivity. Mining often carries on around the clock and is performed at a substantial pace.

The work activities and processes used inside coal and other underground soft rock mining operations have a tendency to create very high levels of dust and may also release toxic or flammable gasses trapped in the soft rock. Flammable particles, e.g. coal dust, also pose a hazard. In order for miners to work in these mines, it is vital that air quality and ventilation inside any underground soft rock mining operation is closely monitored and tightly managed to ensure air quality and overall safety.

The best way to achieve this is by deploying a comprehensive, digitally controlled gas detection, atmospheric monitoring and ventilation management system. It is also absolutely vital that all monitoring equipment used in an underground soft rock mining environment is intrinsically safe (i.e. incapable of igniting flammable gasses or particles).

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we are extremely proud of our partnership with Conspec Controls, a world leader in gas detection, atmospheric monitoring, ventilation management and process control systems for coal and other underground soft rock mining operations.

The Conspec product range is intrinsically safe, has been deployed in the world’s most productive underground coal mines for the last 45 years, and is suited for use in any type of underground soft rock mining operation.

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