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Tailings Dam Monitoring

Tailings Dam Monitoring

What It Is? The RAMJACK Tailings Dam Monitoring System consists of piezometers and other geotechnical instruments (such as extensometers, inclinometers, pressure cells and geo-resistivity monitors) that communicate wirelessly to a central…

Opencut mine

Ground Water Monitoring

What It Is? The RAMJACK Ground Water Monitoring System consists of piezometers communicating in real-time to a central server. Open pit and certain underground operations require a vast array of…

Mine Dewatering & Pump Control

Backfill Monitoring

What It Is? The RAMJACK Backfill Monitoring System is comprised of two different types of Vibrating Wire (VW) pressure monitoring sensors, which are used in concert to measure the performance…

Ventilation Management & Fan Control

Rock Stress Monitoring

The System The RAMJACK Rock Stress Monitoring System delivers wireless telemetry of vibrating wire stress meter data to a control room. This data allows for the direct measurement of: Stress…


Rock Movement Monitoring

What It Is? The RAMJACK Rock Movement Monitoring System consists of the real-time monitoring of extensometers that are either active (instrumented cable bolt) or passive (MPBX – Multipoint Borehole Extensometers)…

heavy equipments on the mining site

Seismic Monitoring

What It Is? A Seismic Monitoring System consists of installing geophones and listening for the sound of the rock cracking under stress. Data from an array of geophones is used…

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

What It Is? RAMJACK Air Quality Monitoring Systems are composed of an array of fixed and wireless all-in-one gas sensors that measure readings at the face and relay that information…

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Equipment, Personnel and Asset Tracking

What It Is? For any operating mine, tracking the location of equipment, personnel and assets on an interactive map is critical to ensuring efficient and safe production. Mines have employed…

heavy equipments

Payload Monitoring

What It Is? The ability to monitor payload accurately, reliably and at a moment in time so that it can improve productivity has eluded the industry for decades. Original Equipment…

Mine Dewatering

Proximity Detection Systems

What It Is? The RAMJACK Proximity Detection System consists of real-time devices that communicate peer-to-peer to provide situational awareness information to equipment operators and miners in real time. These systems…


Vehicle Health Monitoring

What It Is? Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems use purpose-built, rugged data telemetry devices that interface with the CANBUS on a wide range of mobile equipment and fixed plant machinery. These…


Personnel (COVID-19) Health Monitoring

What It Is? The COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in production shutdowns, freedom of movement restrictions and health scares – all having a dramatic impact on the world’s health statistics…

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