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What It Is?

RAMJACK bridges the gap between mine operators working in challenging markets and original technology manufacturers who build best-of-breed technologies. With extensive experience with technology in mining, RAMJACK is uniquely placed to provide expert advice on technology selection and hands-on support with system implementation and adoption.

How It Works?

Technology Selection

Increasing the success rate of technology adoption starts with the technology selection process. At this stage, the technology itself is not actually what matters most, but rather aligning mine priorities with the technology capabilities.

Every RAMJACK technology selection process begins with a detailed evaluation of the existing technology landscape and an investigation into the most significant pain points. The resulting gap analysis, coupled with the mine’s priorities, defines the key criteria for evaluating the technology systems available in the market.

When selecting a technology for deployment, a rapid ROI is critical to success and RAMJACK will often recommend a Proof Of Concept accompany the technology selection process to support decision-making and facilitate the implementation and adoption process.

Technology Implementation & Adoption

RAMJACK’s approach to technology implementation and adoption emphasises real-life operational experience with best-of-bread, fully interoperable solutions. To accelerate technology adoption, RAMJACK looks to address five key challenges:

Management Culture

It is important to ensure the new technology – and the data it generates – is used appropriately to get the most out of the operation.

Miner Acceptance

Successful ‘miner engagement programs’ are able to generate a ‘pull’ from operators as opposed to a ‘push-back’

Environment Dynamics

Recognising the dynamic nature of mining is critical; technology needs to enable the mining process, not hinder it

Technology Applicability

There is no “silver bullet”; bridging the gap between what the mine needs and what the technology can do is essential

Too Big Too Soon

Small, successful steps are far better than large, failed projects; a commitment to technology is a mindset change over time, not a single decision at one point in time.

Why It Matters?

At Ramjack, we’re filling gaps in technology adoption and knowledge transfer programs with bespoke services. Contact us to learn more.