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What Is It?

The ability to monitor payload accurately, reliably and at a moment in time so that it can improve productivity has eluded the industry for decades. Original Equipment Manufacturers recognised the importance of accurate payload monitoring early and began equipping trucks and shovels with loadcells, but the sensors were difficult to maintain and most mines saw their payload improvement efforts stall.

RAMJACK’s Payload Monitoring systems rise to the challenge by providing accurate, reliable and timely payload information to the operators that are best able to make adjustments to maximise productivity.

Payload Monitoring
Payload Monitoring

How Does It Work?

RAMJACK recommends real-time payload management at source – managing payload on digging units rather than haulage vehicles. Both on-surface and underground, payload management at source has proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency and rapidly increase productivity for mines.

Surface Mining

Digger-based payload-monitoring solutions manage payload in real-time – on draglines, face-shovels, excavators and front-end-loaders – at a point in the mining cycle when the digger operator can still effect improvements in performance. With years of experience and implementation success at mines across the globe, implementing a shovel-based payload solution is guaranteed to improve operator performance, mine compliance, production, maintenance and safety.

Payload Monitoring
Payload Monitoring

Underground Mining

The best strategy for improving overall equipment efficiency is to retrofit all Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) units with payload monitoring sensors tracked in real-time using a purpose-built Production Management System. RAMJACK’s recommended payload solutions can be retrofitted to any age, make and model of underground equipment and can be configured to provide reports on important KPIs, including: payload, carry back, cycle count and loaded vs. empty state ratio.

Many mines continue to opt for managing payload with sensor deployments on haulage units. While more difficult to maintain and more challenging to integrate, truck-based payload solutions can still deliver productivity and maintenance improvements if implemented and managed correctly. Coupled with the right real-time Production Management System, RAMJACK can help ensure success.

Payload Monitoring

Why Does It Matter?

The data is clear, whether on surface or underground, payload management is guaranteed to improve mine productivity. RAMJACK is prepared to provide real guarantees to mines that are ready to implement one of our recommended solutions and that are willing to participate in a formal case study documenting the results.