Access Control and Time & Attendance Management (Reactore)

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What Is It?

The Ramjack Technology Solutions Access Control and Time & Attendance Management system is purpose-built to streamline the way mines manage their human assets. Our robust solution enhances physical site security and time and attendance tracking, empowering mines with a user-friendly process and an ecosystem of integrated, industry-leading, real-time systems. Mines gain actionable, data-driven insights and smart analytics that elevate the way their team brings their human assets all under one platform.
Our system provides personnel with useful information related to their team’s performance and HR-related information, employee details, and leave balances. You can’t manage what you don’t monitor – and we help mines streamline the way their staff interacts with assets, as well as track attendance, so that everyone is on the same page.
Access Control and Time & Attendance Management (Reactore)

How Does it Work?

Our innovative software application creates efficiency, resolves business problems, and provides insight through advanced visualization and horizontal integration along the mining value chain. Our cutting-edge, future-proof, modular software solution with comprehensive resource and operational management features digitally transforms mines.
Share data in real time from different systems across different networks from any location by using our integration engine. Connect to plant equipment, access control systems, data-producing assets, various software applications, and beyond. Collated data provides consolidated reporting on your human assets and analytical environment with a ‘single page’ real-time view of all access and attendance activities.
Access Control and Time & Attendance Management (Reactore)
Attendance Management

Why does it matter?

Operations thrive when they are empowered with better efficiencies, keeping the team all on the same page. Mobile field applications, live dashboards, and alerts improve safety, optimise productivity, and digitally elevate the way your mine operates in real-time. Real-time enterprise data in a 3D dashboard allows for intuitive management analytics and timely decision making to improve safety and productivity. Contact us today to find out more.