Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

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What Is It?

The Ramjack Technology Solutions Maintenance Planning and Scheduling system is purpose-built to streamline the way your team proactively works towards a comprehensive, reliability-centred maintenance plan and effective scheduling system.
Empowered with a user-friendly process and an ecosystem of integrated, industry-leading, real-time systems, mines gain actionable, data-driven insights and smart analytics, which elevate the way their team manages the maintenance and scheduling of their fleet. Our proven process empowers operations with better efficiencies, keeping the team all on the same page with mobile field applications, live dashboards, and real-time alerts to improve safety, optimise productivity, and digitally elevate your mine.
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

How It Works?

With decades of experience in mining’s harshest environments, Ramjack creates systems that synergistically offer solutions for mining’s biggest challenges. We help mines build cutting-edge, future-proof solutions to enable operational best practices that digitally transform the way they work in real-time. Our team has partnered with specialist manufacturers of purpose-built solutions to help monitor, manage, and optimise their maintenance processes and procedures.
Our end-to-end systems for data-backed, actionable AI-insights are purpose-built for both mobile and fixed equipment to prevent unscheduled downtime, reduce operating costs, and enhance safety. We guarantee value of our products and services within one budget cycle.
Benefits of technology solutions include:

  • Optimisation of fleet availability through best maintenance practices
  • Shortened drill and blast cycle
  • Condition-based maintenance practices
  • Automated dispatch
  • Advanced visualisation
  • Horizontal integration along the mining value chain
  • Streamlined scheduling of equipment, assets, and personnel
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Why It Matters?

A mine’s fleet is one of their most expensive assets. A solid maintenance program mitigates unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs to increase production without sacrificing the safety of your human assets. Ramjack not only understands the processes to solve maintenance challenges, we know how to integrate your technology solutions to ensure your team is armed with the best strategy possible. Together, we can help you save time and money to keep your fleet running optimally and your people safe.