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Optimise anything that matters to your mine in real-time


Visualization & Information Management

Accurate knowledge informs good decisions. In a mine, all too often, the information needed to make good decisions is not available. And, even when the information is available, the context...
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Mining has a direct or indirect effect on just about every other industry in the world – it provides the raw materials that drive manufacturing, it is the first step...
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Remote Operations Centre Services

What It Is? The operation of an advanced production or safety system in a mine will experience one or all of the following typical barriers, preventing full value realisation: Misalignment...
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Technology Selection & Implementation Services

What It Is? RAMJACK bridges the gap between mine operators working in challenging markets and original technology manufacturers who build best-of-breed technologies. With extensive experience with technology in mining, RAMJACK...
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