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Manage What Matters Most To Your Mine in Real-Time
Mine Dewatering

Fatigue Management

What It Is? Completely eliminating fatigue incidents in heavy industry requires a predictive monitoring solution that empowers operators to manage their own alertness, based on real-time information provided by scientifically…

woman on the mining site with the dump truck

Fleet Management

What It Is? Fleet Management Systems (FMS) have been standard practice in open-pit mining for decades. Since the DISPATCH System was first introduced by Modular Mining in 1979, large surface…

mining pit

Production Management

What It Is? Being competitive in today’s mining and metals industry requires advancing beyond Fleet Management Systems to achieve the lowest cost per tonne. RAMJACK’s Production Management Systems are designed…


Short Interval Control

What It Is? Despite the recent popularity of the term Short Interval Control (SIC), the concept of ‘managing by objectives’ through goal setting, regular evaluation and informed action has been…


Process Execution Management

What It Is? The key objective of a RAMJACK Process Execution Management System is to automatically generate critical tasks – across equipment types – to ensure efficient allocation of resources…


Machine Guidance & Mine Automation

What It Is? The implementation of Machine Guidance and Mine Automation Solutions solves many important challenges for mining operations, including improved safety, increased productivity and reduced variability. Numerous options exist…

Ventilation Management & Fan Control

Ventilation Management & Fan Control

What It Is? A RAMJACK Ventilation Management Solution (also known as Ventilation On Demand) consists of pulling together a Personnel and Equipment Tracking System, an Air Quality Monitoring System and…

Opencut mine

Mine Dewatering & Pump Control

What It Is? RAMJACK’s Mine Dewatering & Pump Control System allows operators to monitor underground water tables and reservoirs in real-time in order to ensure safe levels as well as…

worker inside the tunnel

Collision Avoidance

What It Is? RAMJACK’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS) has been developed and deployed in one of the world’s most demanding mining environments – South Africa. South Africa was the first…


Evacuation & Rescue

What It Is? The mining industry has long recognised that tracking people and equipment is a valuable thing. But most mines don’t sustain a “tracking for the sake of tracking”…

Fuel Management

Fuel Management

What It Is? Fuel is the lifeline of any operation. Without it, equipment won’t run and production can’t happen.  Fuel is one of the most important consumables to a mine…

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