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What Is It?

Vehicle-related incidents represent one of mining’s biggest risks to its mobile and human assets. Ramjack has built a comprehensive traffic management system that revolutionises the way mines manage movement of mobile assets.
Empowered with a user-friendly process and an ecosystem of integrated, industry-leading, real-time systems, mines gain actionable, data-driven insights and smart analytics that elevate the way their team manages movement of their fleet and personnel.

Our proven process empowers operations with better efficiencies, keeping the team all on the same page with mobile field applications, live dashboards, and real-time alerts to improve safety, optimise productivity, and digitally elevate your mine.

Field Information Management

How It Works?

With decades of experience in mining’s harshest environments, Ramjack understands which systems and technologies synergistically provide a complete solution for mining’s biggest challenges. Our team has partnered with specialist manufacturers of purpose-built solutions for both underground and open-pit applications to help with effective traffic management, hazard control, and injury prevention.
Mines are constantly pressured to meet stringent production requirements, and we understand that there are many factors to ensure safety isn’t sacrificed. A successful traffic management system should take the following elements into account:

  • Communication backbone, network connectivity
  • Site design & layout
  • Equipment and assets
  • Road maintenance
  • Construction areas
  • Weather & environmental
  • Vehicle interaction
  • Regional regulations
  • Exclusion zones on-site
  • Existing technology systems
  • Loading areas, tipping areas, stockpiles
  • Changing operating conditions
  • Monitoring capabilities
Field Information Management
Field Information Management

Why It Matters?

The safety of your people, the integrity of your mobile assets, and the environment around you all depend on a sound traffic management plan. More and more, mines are emphasising the importance of traffic management in cooperation with their ESG programme. Ramjack creates an ecosystem that empowers your team at the operator level, all the way through to the operations team. With a good plan in place for your traffic management, your site is empowered to meet production targets and keep personnel out of harm’s way.