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Rugged, Self-Cleaning Cameras (ToughEye)

Purpose-built cameras for harsh industrial environments, designed to withstand exposure to repeated contamination, temperature variations and harsh weather. With the ToughEye™ self-cleaning cameras, you effectively protect your site against mud, grease, and abrasive dust. Break through these tough materials without tanks, hoses, pumps, water, and detergents. Proven as effective in even the dirtiest and harshest mining environments, these cameras are continually being adopted by leading mining operations throughout the world.

Self-Sufficient, Self-Cleaning Cameras for Harsh and Dirty Environments

These purpose-built cameras are built specifically for dirty and harsh mining environments. Specifically designed for rugged conditions, they can withstand repeated contamination, temperature variations and weather elements. 

ToughEye™ Self-Cleaning Camera and Camera Enclosure

ToughEye™ Camera Solutions

ToughEye™ is a revolutionary patented family of self-cleaning cameras that are effective against abrasive dust, mud, and grease without requiring any water, detergents, pumps, tanks and hoses. Its rugged single-piece construction has proven itself in the harshest and dirtiest mining conditions. ToughEye™ is quickly being adopted by the world’s leading mining and material handling companies in the world.

 The unchanging clarity and the always-available view along with no requirement for regular maintenance make ToughEye™ the ideal choice for haul trucks, drills and material transfer points. On a haul truck, ToughEye™ enables the driver to avoid fatalities and incidents. Additionally, drivers can now clearly see boulders when reversing and avoid them, saving tires and downtime. On drills, ToughEye™ can be used to monitor the bit regardless of how dusty it gets; or it can be used to ensure a safe perimeter every time during movement.

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from ExcelSense to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.