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Syntony GNSS

GPS Signal Propagation, Tracking & Navigation Underground

Reliable GPS coverage is critical for mining operations, yet signals cannot always reach confined areas on the surface or in the far corners of underground labyrinths. From emitters to receivers, Syntony innovations provide reliable GPS coverage in dynamic, unpredictable, and remote environments, allowing mining operations to effectively map their environment, track assets, and ultimately protect their people.

Through years of development, Aerospace technologies were transformed into high-capacity solutions for even the most demanding underground environments through real-time propagation of GPS signals. The result? Invaluable visibility into operations within areas where coverage was historically unavailable.

GPS Coverage Extension and Software-Based Navigation

​Syntony innovations extend GPS coverage into previously inaccessible spaces, giving mining operations relentlessly reliable connectivity. Even furthering a mine’s upper hand, Syntony’s products and services are built on software-based navigation, empowering a mine with customizability and post-delivery upgradability to maximise its investment.

Key products relevant to the mining sector include:


Pioneered for the rugged conditions of mining, this unique technological solution was specifically created to establish GPS signals inside remote, confined, and labyrinthic environments of both surface and underground mines. With continuity of GPS tracking, mine operators can map their environment and track vehicles, machinery, and other assets fitted with embedded GPS chipsets, regardless of the conditions.

Advanced. Real-time. Fully customizable. Software-based. This ruggedized GPS receiver overcomes limitations that chip-based receivers have historically lacked — upgradability and versatility. SoftSpot is highly adaptable, overcomes rugged environmental constraints, and ensures precise location availability at all times. Furthering its lure, it is designed to run on existing embedded platforms or mobile systems.

Since its establishment in 2015, Syntony GNSS has been shaping the future of navigation. The company’s core focus is the manufacture and supply of software-based location and navigation systems.

From its offices in Toulouse (headquarters), Paris, San Francisco, New York, and Montreal, and using distributors in Asia and Europe, Syntony services a wide range of customers, including blue-chip companies and major city metros, globally, in industries and environments like mining, transportation, automotive, aerospace, and IoT (internet of things).

At RAMJACK Technology Solutions, we offer solutions from Syntony to clients in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.