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Successful Post-Blast Re-Entry Processes Amplify Productivity

Modern-day real-time gas monitoring systems continue to advance the way mines streamline their post-blast re-entry protocol. Learn how advanced fixed and wireless all-in-one gas sensors increase productivity 10% – 30%, keep, personnel out of harms’ way, and contribute to your mine’s ESG journey.

The Power of the rROC: RAMJACK’s Remote Operations Centre

Technology has been one of the most significant enablers for success in the mining industry for, well, since the beginning of the mining industry.  Effective use of innovative production and safety technologies have always separated the high performers from the mediocre.  But, just having technology isn’t a guarantee of added value to the bottom line. 

An Avoidable Risk

No matter if you’re operating underground or in an open pit, there are numerous safety issues facing an operation. Integrity of the surrounding rock, the presence of noxious gases, risks associated with explosives, heavy equipment operating in close quarters…