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Mine Management in Real-Time through Integrated Remote Operations Centres

With upwards of 100,000 flights taking off and landing every day around the globe, it’s no wonder that the nerve centre of the airport is the Air Traffic Control Tower.  Similarly, growing with the fast-paced digital age of mining requires a new way of successfully approaching the command centre setup, as the dispatch tower or the control room can’t always keep up with the evolution of the mining operations. Our team speaks up about the Remote Operations Centre – designed to tackle the burden of expert system operations to enhance the performance of real-time systems on-site.  

Evacuation and Rescue in Mining

Tracking is core to any evacuation & rescue plan, but of equal importance, is understanding the environment and using that information in conjunction with any rescue plan.  Wireless telemetry allows the team to assess air quality, rock stability and monitor video feeds to better plan their operation.  Equally, robust and flexible communication devices enable users to switch between narrow and broadband should one of the networks be negatively impacted.

Communication technology for internet business

Future of Communications: Where is technology taking us? Does one comms solution fit all?

The world has come a long way since two-way radio communication was introduced to mining operations.  Back then being able to have a stable and clear conversation with a colleague in a remote or underground location was (and in some ways, still is) a huge step.  Since then, the advent of WiFi has had an equally seismic impact on operations and more recently we have the arrival of private LTE networks – promising cell phone coverage throughout, regardless of environment.