Health, Safety and Environment Management

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What Is It?

Ramjack has pioneered a comprehensive, systematic approach that brings the monitoring of health, safety and environment all into one streamlined process.
Purpose-built to aid mines in managing the complex layers associated with meeting environmental requirements, and minimising carbon footprint, all while considering social and safety implications, our scalable, customisable solution is the answer. With an ecosystem of integrated, industry-leading, real-time systems, mines get smart analytics that deliver actionable insights all on one platform.
Health, Safety and Environment Management

How does it work?

Everyone, sitewide, gets useful information related to health and safety of their team and mobile assets, through personnel, equipment, and environmental monitoring with synergistic, real-time technologies. Software systems and ruggedised hardware creates efficiency, resolves business problems, and provides insight through advanced visualisation. Comprehensive resource and operational management features allow mines to share data in real-time from different systems and locations. They can connect to equipment, personnel, and environmental monitoring instrumentation with access to real-time reporting on anything that matters to your mine in real-time.

Benefits of technology solutions include:

  • Mine management and visualisation tools
  • Real-time fatigue monitoring
  • Proximity detection
  • Collision avoidance
  • Atmospheric and air quality monitoring
  • Process control 
Field Information Management
Health, Safety and Environment Management

Why does it matter?

Operations are continually striving to meet ESG targets amidst increasingly stringent rules and regulations. When they are empowered with better efficiencies, they not only keep the team safe and all on the same page, but they are also able to elevate the way they interact with regulatory agencies and demonstrate compliance. Mobile field applications, live dashboards, and alerts improve safety, optimise productivity and digitally elevate the way your mine operates in real-time. Intuitive management analytics and timely decision making to improve safety and productivity. Contact us today to find out more.